Renovation Services

At Interface Designs Inc. we love transforming houses into homes. We can help with a variety of projects: The redesign of an entire floor layout, updating a tired bathroom, or turning a dark basement into a beautiful living space. Our work adds not only personal enjoyment to your home, but also considerable enhanced value. Reach out today and we can begin the process of turning that dream kitchen into a reality.

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What to expect when you contact Interface Designs Inc.


    SITE VISIT:This is a great opportunity to discuss an idea that may have been brewing for years or brainstorm ideas with an experienced third party. We will discuss project needs and establish budget parameters, as well as timeline expectations. We will also perform a visual scope of the home, including measurements and photographs, to ensure all aspects of the project are considered.
    CONCEPTUAL DRAWINGS: Using information gathered on our site visit, a conceptual design is drawn up and a rough estimate is calculated. This establishes more formal project guidelines and ensures that everyone is abreast of design and budget.
    FINAL DESIGN & BUDGET: This detailed design will be used in the construction process and will determine the final budget. Final budget is also influenced, at this stage, by material selections.
    SCHEDULING: Construction dates are agreed upon and a scheduling deposit is required to confirm a start date.
    BUILD:On the agreed date, the real fun begins!