Jeff Howard

“I have been using Interface Designs for work at my house for many years and they continue to do a great job.  I especially think the Team that Brendon Podolski has put together is very good and the Leadership that he and Chris Nicholson show on the Job Sites on a day to day basis is fantastic.

Brendon came up with a great Design for Stonework at the front of my house and my wife and I have been extremely happy with it ever.

The house that I live in the is the house that I am going to spend the rest of my life in and I trust Brendon and his Team with making it look beautiful.

Brendon is up to the challenge of any kind of job that you would send his way.  He is polite, outgoing and very personable.  One of the things that I really appreciated is that because I work such long hours Brendon worked his schedule around mine when it came to presenting Design Plans.  He will come as early to your home as needed or he will come as late as needed.  He understands Customer Service like no others in the Construction Business that I have come across.”

Jeff Howard June 2, 2016

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